Creative Differences” ~ dec 4th 2010 – feb 23rd 2011

max daily

will goff

jfre coad

Listing of Past Shows-

1- “CREATIVE DIFFERENCES” ~ Max Daily, William Goff, Jfre Coad
(Jason Sherry, Cristina Trecha , Alexander Jarman, Frank Melendez, Heather Brosche, Andrea Giaier,
Annie Perkins, Joshua Krause, Kate MacWilliamson, Theresa Altman, Andre Power, Farrel Lynn,
Michael McCardle, Derek Adams, Sam Luke, Gary Coad, Kenseth Thibideau, Michael Ruiz, Shelby Gubba,
Matthew Bradley, Wendell Kling, Ash Eliza Smith, Stephanie Lie, Brianna Rigg, Joe Yorty, Renee Utt,
Shayna Why, John Brady, Andy Ward, Josh Aaron, Judith Pedroza, Jfre Robot Coad.)
3- “SPLITTING SECONDS” ~ an installation by Stephen Downs
6- “SUSPICIOUS HACKAGE” ~ Fmath Lorenz
7- “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” ~ Morgan Manduley
8- “PHANTOM VERNACULAR” ~ Group Art Installation
(Jfre Robot Coad, Andrea Giaier, William Goff, Shoko Hachiya, Daniel Headley, Annie Perkins, Cari Veach,
w/ audio component by J Doerck & Jason Soares.)
9- “WHO IS THE BOSS?” J Noland and Josh Pavlick, as moderated by Angella D’Avignon.
10- “A BIT HOMUNCULUS” ~ Omar Lopez
11- “BURNT OUT” ~ Douglas Thompson x
12- “Trans Parent Skis & Other Composites” ~ Pea Hix
13- “FACES” ~ Toni Larios
14- “Ruin” ~ Walter Sutin
15- “Galactic Collision” ~ AndrePower & LauraKatherine
16- “ÑONGOS” ~ Ana Andrade
17- “Unmusic” ~ An Exploration of Sound & Light ~ Keenan Hartsten & Wendell M. Kling
18- “Nostalgia Blue” ~ Brian Meanswell

19- “Orange Blosomm Special” ~ Ibn al-Presto!
20- “Case by Case” ~ Group Art Show ~
(bob beyerle,
 shawn bigbee,
 jfre coad, 
max daily,
 daniel headley, 
pea hicks, 
david krimmel, 
georgia k laris, 
omar lopex, 
matt lorenz, 
frank melendez, 
terri oelric, 
josh quon
, mike ruiz, 
priscilla salser,
 walter sutin
, kenseth thibideau,
 cristina trecha,
 allison wiese
, cari veach, 
joe yorty
, genevieve zzyzyx,
 james zzyzyx.)

21- “Fit to be Tide” ~ Georgia K. Laris
22- “VACANT” ~ Yerrie Choo
23- “Say Something” ~  Sir Froderick
24- “just a little bit longer | part 2” ~ angella d’avignon, farrah emami, jessica sledge, mindy solis, chantal wnuk & special guest missy solis
25- “Look Closely: Subject, Technique, and Composition Examined” ~ Susan Takano, Abel Guzman, Nichole Speciale
26- “LA-LA Tour 2014: Raw Data”
27- “TWOFOLD_ “ ~ Lawrence Chit & Kim Garcia
28- “Smells Like Cat Pee: A Thrift Store Art Salon” ~ Pea Hix
29- “Paper on Plants and Other Geometric Constructions” ~ work by Randy Chiurazzi


One Response to Exhibits

  1. Jeremy Sims says:

    To the community of Disclosed unLocation Gallery,

    I am an east coast artist associated with a collection of studios and would like to build connections within San Diego while in town before I head to a residency in Denmark.

    After looking through the website I can tell you are a serious organization, and I enjoy the drive. I would like to send a formal submission for review.

    Looking forward to hearing back,

    Jeremy Hunter Sims

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