LA-LA Tour 2014: Raw Data

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NWMMP’s LA-LA Tour is coming to Disclosed unLocation on Saturday 8/23 from 11am-2pm

Since July the Nationwide Museum Mascot Project (NWMMP) has been traveling the Western Hemisphere for its LA-LA Tour: From Los Angeles to Latin America. Beginning in Los Angeles, the tour has traveled from South America up through Central America and will soon reach San Diego.

Taking their cue from sports-team mascots, NWMMP is promoting art museums and venues from LA to Latin America by surprising visitors, passersby, staff and the online community with crowd-pleasing antics, handing out swag, handshakes, high-fives, hugs and a host of other activities.

On August 23, the tour will stop at Disclosed unLocation Gallery from 11-2pm to promote and mascot the space. The exhibition will run through September 6 and will include a sampling of LA-LA Tour mascot costumes and swag.

Although often invited, NWMMP is also known to infiltrate museums that they feel need some mascot love. Mascot costumes are swiftly constructed out of recycled thrift store materials and other found junk. For the LA-LA Tour, while some museums have enthusiastically requested mascot representation, others have emphatically declined or have actively ignored their solicitations. This is all the more reason for NWMMP to continue its trailblazing effort to provide a mascot to every museum across the globe.

Over the course of the LA-LA Tour, NWMMP has mascotted the following venues: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA); Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA), Long Beach; Fowler Museum at UCLA, Los Angeles; Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA), Newport Beach; the memorial site of Jeffrey Vallance’s Blinky the Friendly Hen, Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires (MACBA), Argentina; MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santiago, Chile; and MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Lima; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá (MAMBO); four venues is Mexico City: Museo Jumex, Museo Soumaya, Casa Vecina and Museo Experimental El Eco.

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Look Closely: Subject, Technique, and Composition Examined ~ Openings ~ Thurs Aug 14th 5-8pm & Friday Aug 15th 5:30-9pm

Art Show Picture
Artists Susan Takano, Abel Guzman, Nichole Speciale, and guests will be showing art demonstrating provocative uses of color, line, space, and materials. Art was chosen for this exhibition based on unique approaches to subject, technique,and composition. The work exemplifies the result of great attention towards essential elements of art, such as line and color, and towards the arrangement of space and subjects, and the mastery of materials. When viewing this work, we invite you to take notice of how these details contribute to the work and how the artist’s styles compare or contrast within their collection as well as to the other artist’s work. Everything is open to examination.

Pre-opening on August 14th 5-8pm.

Official opening with refreshments on August 15th 5:30-9pm.

Free and open to the public.

For more information on the show or to make an appointment contact

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just a little bit longer | part 2 ~ Opening Reception ~ Saturday July 26th 6pm-10pm

just a little bit longer pt 2 copy
the first part of ‘just a little bit longer’ was an endeavor that took place 3 months ago. Five women chose a single personal belonging that struck an emotional chord with them and recreated it in multiples. These objects were then displayed and sold at the Spring Valley Swap Meet in April.

It was an entirely unique experience in the sense that I’m unable to compare it to anything else. It was a hot day, there were droves of people, we bought some plants and ate some cookies.

We’re showing what we made again but in a new context – the gallery space. ‘just a little bit longer’ part 2 uses a new platform to further explore the role of objects, value, and attachment.

Dogs and babies welcome (duh). drinks and panchita’s watermelon cookies will be served (double duh).


angella d’avignon
farrah emami
jessica sledge
mindy solis
chantal wnuk
& special guest missy solis

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Say Something ~ works/installation by Sir Froderick ~ Reception, Friday July 11th 5-9pm



Sir Froderick, comes to San Diego by way of Philadelphia, Boston and most recently, the Pasadena area of Los Angeles. He is one of the top producers forging ahead with sample-based production in today’s brand new musical environment that’s put the producers back in the foreground. He has released albums for the labels Record Breakin’, Insect Records and most recently, Cascade out of France.

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VACANT ~ New works in pen & ink by Yerrie Choo ~ Reception, Friday June 27th 5-9pm

VACANT is a series of drawings that explore the human condition of loneliness and internal disconnection to others in disturbed, fleshy environments.

To view by appointment, contact Yerrie Choo at

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Fit to be Tide ~ New work by Georgia K. Laris ~ Reception, Friday June 13th 4pm-9pm

georgia k laris

*show runs thru June 23

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Case by Case ~ Group Art Show ~ Saturday June 7th ~ 6pm-9pm

Untitled-1 (dragged)
Case by Case ~ Group Art Show ~ Saturday June 7th ~ 6pm-9pm

One Night Only! A variety of extras, offshoots and newly finished artworks by 20+ San Diego & Local artists-

bob beyerle
shawn bigbee
jfre coad
max daily
daniel headley
pea hicks
david krimmel
georgia k laris
omar lopex
matt lorenz
frank melendez
terri oelric
josh quon
mike ruiz
priscilla salser
walter sutfin
kenseth thibideau
cristina trecha
allison wiese
cari veach
joe yorty
genevieve zzyzyx
james zzyzyx

All works priced at only $25! – donated by the artists to help support unlocation -
cruise out. reconnect!!! (also drink ;p)

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Orange Blosomm Special by: Ibn al-Presto!

orange copy

Saturday 31 May, 2014 @ Disclosed unLocation Gallery
Pricing: Pay-as-you-like
Hours: Noon to 9PM
Please RSVP at:

In Orange Blosomm Special, al-Presto will transform the gallery into a fantasy environment, what he calls a “100 sq. ft. Eden of organic material and plastic”, where participants are encouraged to lounge and socialize in a hybrid of the traditional Arabic majli (parlor) and the local foodie gastropub.

Menu for the event includes:
-Local flower and herb suffused beer
-Synthetic / Organic combo salad
-Velveeta chocolate chorizo (entire pig)

Ibn al-Presto’s work reconciles/juxtaposes/yada-yada/etc. disparate elements in a fun, but also practical way. al-Presto’s art arises out of his background in the hospitality/service industry. His mother ran a hostel out of their family’s house in Fès since he was a child, which they’ve continuously transformed over the years to meet tourists’ changing expectations and fantasies—doing so creatively while using very limited available resources. As his entire artist statement, he has borrowed one line from his late mother—which she in turn picked up from a tourist staying at their hostel:
You can’t polish a turd, but you can pour glitter all over it.

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“Nostalgia Blue” by Brian Meanswell ~ Reception, Saturday April 26th 4pm-9pm

Photos by Jaryl Cabuco ©
Nostalgia Blue is the next installment of Amorous Abyss, a series of Brian’s works which reflect upon the portrayal of body language and the symbolic connections with flowers. Brian is mindful that as soon as we are in contact with others, we are already communicating. The body language of the positioned individual and the flowers he configures are both used to directly express the quality of communication which convey emotions unspoken. In this exhibition, the negative space has now become black rather than white with blue flowers pervading the works throughout this installment. The usage of color representing the emotional impact of communication further intensifies the light source as having symbolic significance within the context of the obscured imagery.

Flowers are used historically, adorning almost everything — from someone’s hair, to clothing, jewelry, home décor, and even fine china, to name a few. He reflects upon a flower’s aesthetic value and concludes that they serve to convey messages of emotion varied by the arrangement, size, and the way in which these flowers are displayed. Brian draws parallels between the anatomy of a flower and the human body, integrating these two entities and thus creating his interpretations of the nature of beauty, seduction, love, and death as symbolized by the flower’s physical characteristics. The flowers within these works emote their purpose, ‘saying’ what was not dared to be verbally said.

With his signature of positioning a flower to cover the eyes of the woman, Brian bridges the connection of a flower’s unspoken emotional cue with a woman’s body whose unspoken expression and eclipsed facial features can only reveal so much. The flower positioned directly in front of the woman’s face lends one to heighten an internal dialogue with memories of the past and/or concern for the future. The works in Nostalgia Blue, much like in Amorous Abyss, express the many facets of Brian’s emotional state of mind where drawing from his past, existing in the present, and anticipating for the future continue to drive this series to evolve visually, conceptually, and personally.

“We have all felt let down by other people at some point in our lives. Nostalgia Blue dives into the feelings of that moment. Feelings such as hurt, disappointment, pessimism, and lack of interest are few of the emotions that are channeled through the body language and color relationships in these paintings. As human beings we have a strong need to feel secure. But after moments of rejection, failed relationships, or just a situation that didn’t go our way, our sense of security is threatened, we may feel abandoned, scared, or hopeless. Moreover, these are normal reactions that we all go through and I try to express it through this installment.”

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“Unmusic” ~ An Exploration of Sound & Light ~ Keenan Hartsten and Wendell M. Kling ~ Sat March 22nd ~ 6pm-10pm


Keenan Hartsten creates interactive installations and environments that function as occasions for social play,
collaborative magic-making and the invention of possible futures.

Wendell M. Kling is an interdisciplinary artist whose installations
and performances often involve experimental sound and light instruments.

swing by!!!

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