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Owl Themed Group Show ~ Opening Gala Sat March 21st 6pm-10pm















Priced to go!!!

Also FOOD By ~ Anthem Vegan!!


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Portraits ~ works by Robert Andrade ~ Opening Reception Sat Feb 21st 6pm-9pm

promo_image_02Andrade’s aim is to investigate methods of  power in our constructed environment by considering issues relating to the fabricated landscape such as architecture and urban planning along with the many forms these disciplines take. Andrade is very much interested in questioning how space is produced. How it changes and shifts and more importantly how it changes us.

It has often been said that a portrait is not only capturing ones physical attributes, but their essence as well. In this exhibition entitled Portraits Andrade is considering the city and all that it is made up of.  Mimicking materials and forms, there are elements from each work that will call attention to the familiar and unfamiliar alike. The work, similar to the city, has a clash of elegance with  undertones of violence. It is not only about the violence in relation to the corporeal but also how it exists as an emanating symbol.

Robert Andrade is an interdisciplinary artist and has exhibited throughout the United states including Chicago, New York City, Southern California and Dallas, TX. He is Scheduled for a residency at Centraltrak in Dallas and a solo exhibition Fall 2016 at Providence College.

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And I Quilt The Sea For Thee – Paper Hats and Quilted Maps by Maxfield Rowboat Daily ~ Opening Reception Sat Jan 24th 6pm-9pm

max2015promo“His [ Maxfield Rowboat Crockett Daily ] illustrations of Saint Nicols of Oslo and the little paper ships invoke such whimsical adventure one cant help to think he has found the perfect balance of minimalism and Tarashikomi.”

To find the loneliest islands i had to piece together the journey like a quilt work of all the places i hadnt been, this guided me to unknown seas and unnecessary routes to find them. – Atlas Norman. Frozen in Doldrums Discovery. 2nd Ed. Polar Achievement Press, Framjodt, Norway 19XY. Print.

Sneak on out!

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5×7 Group Art Show ~ Opening Sat Dec 6th 6-10pm ~ Closing Reception Sat Dec 20th 6-9pm










all pieces 5×7″. all $20. cruise out and view / peruse / booze ;)

some of the artists included are (in order of package opened or received)–

annie perkins
sean burdeaux
joshua bellfy
georgia k laris
kelly scott
josh pavlick
kenseth thibideau
joy boe
mark mags
andrew alcasid
thomas moua
alexander mazegue
deana marie freeman
randy chiurazzi
douglas thompson x
cari veach
lynn uhazie
danny headley
aaron legrow
james zzyzyx
genevieve zzyzyx
jfre coad
stephanie kuba
lindsey wolf
effie onisphorou
sarah kaiser
shawn von bigbee

120 pieces + 14 new added for closing!

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Paper on Plants and Other Geometric Constructions ~ work by Randy Chiurazzi ~ Opening reception Sat Nov 8th 6-9pm

















Paper on Plants and Other Geometric Constructions ~ Work by Randy Chiurazzi ~ Opening reception Sat Nov 8th 6-9pm

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Smells Like Cat Pee: A Thrift Store Art Salon ~ Pea Hix ~ Opening Reception Sat Oct 4th 6pm-10pm

thriftriderspeaFor years, Pea Hix has accumulated amateur paintings from thrift stores and garage sales. Most of his finds have hung on his own walls or sat neglected for years in a storage shed. Now’s the time to assemble some of his favorites and see what they all look like together.

hang out. sip wines. chit chat. people watch. south park walkabout! cruise it!!

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TWOFOLD_ ~ Lawrence Chit & Kim Garcia ~ Opening Reception Sat Sept 13th 6pm-9pm


TWOFOLD_ is a collaborative exhibition by San Diego New Media Artists Lawrence Chit and Kim Garcia at disclosed unLocation Gallery. Using a hybrid of open-source technology combined with traditional art practices, Chit and Garcia manifest the various relationships between users and devices through a series of prints, sculptures, and installations. The works exhibited look into the digital’s role in preservation and replication, asking viewers to reflect on their own uses of technology. This exhibit is the first series of explorations involving the artists’ interpretation of this unresolved union.

The artists encroach upon digital and physical realms as parallel dimensions existing within the user-device relationship. Current digital technologies have introduced efficiency in various tasks ranging from communication to image production leading to a more seamless dependency on software-hardware interfaces. With the introduction of 3D printing we are able to now produce everyday physical objects from digital renderings once limited to the screen; the membrane between the physical and digital has dissipated.The artists employ a series of investigations involving translations that occur from mechanical and digital reproduction, putting one object through both processes. Through the juxtaposition of these two methods, the artists are able to further gain insight into our current state.

Please join us for the first installment of Lawrence Chit and Kim Garcia’s collaborative project. The opening reception for TWOFOLD_ will be on Saturday, September 13th, 2014 from 6pm to 9pm at disclosed unLocation and following shortly will be the artists’ second installment, Our Current State, on Monday, October 20th, 2014 from 5pm to 9pm at UC San Diego’s Adam D. Kamil Gallery.


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LA-LA Tour 2014: Raw Data

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 9.28.13 PM

NWMMP’s LA-LA Tour is coming to Disclosed unLocation on Saturday 8/23 from 11am-2pm

Since July the Nationwide Museum Mascot Project (NWMMP) has been traveling the Western Hemisphere for its LA-LA Tour: From Los Angeles to Latin America. Beginning in Los Angeles, the tour has traveled from South America up through Central America and will soon reach San Diego.

Taking their cue from sports-team mascots, NWMMP is promoting art museums and venues from LA to Latin America by surprising visitors, passersby, staff and the online community with crowd-pleasing antics, handing out swag, handshakes, high-fives, hugs and a host of other activities.

On August 23, the tour will stop at Disclosed unLocation Gallery from 11-2pm to promote and mascot the space. The exhibition will run through September 6 and will include a sampling of LA-LA Tour mascot costumes and swag.

Although often invited, NWMMP is also known to infiltrate museums that they feel need some mascot love. Mascot costumes are swiftly constructed out of recycled thrift store materials and other found junk. For the LA-LA Tour, while some museums have enthusiastically requested mascot representation, others have emphatically declined or have actively ignored their solicitations. This is all the more reason for NWMMP to continue its trailblazing effort to provide a mascot to every museum across the globe.

Over the course of the LA-LA Tour, NWMMP has mascotted the following venues: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA); Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA), Long Beach; Fowler Museum at UCLA, Los Angeles; Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA), Newport Beach; the memorial site of Jeffrey Vallance’s Blinky the Friendly Hen, Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires (MACBA), Argentina; MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santiago, Chile; and MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Lima; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá (MAMBO); four venues is Mexico City: Museo Jumex, Museo Soumaya, Casa Vecina and Museo Experimental El Eco.

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Look Closely: Subject, Technique, and Composition Examined ~ Openings ~ Thurs Aug 14th 5-8pm & Friday Aug 15th 5:30-9pm

Art Show Picture
Artists Susan Takano, Abel Guzman, Nichole Speciale, and guests will be showing art demonstrating provocative uses of color, line, space, and materials. Art was chosen for this exhibition based on unique approaches to subject, technique,and composition. The work exemplifies the result of great attention towards essential elements of art, such as line and color, and towards the arrangement of space and subjects, and the mastery of materials. When viewing this work, we invite you to take notice of how these details contribute to the work and how the artist’s styles compare or contrast within their collection as well as to the other artist’s work. Everything is open to examination.

Pre-opening on August 14th 5-8pm.

Official opening with refreshments on August 15th 5:30-9pm.

Free and open to the public.

For more information on the show or to make an appointment contact


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