“Nostalgia Blue” by Brian Meanswell ~ Reception, Saturday April 26th 4pm-9pm

Photos by Jaryl Cabuco ©
Nostalgia Blue is the next installment of Amorous Abyss, a series of Brian’s works which reflect upon the portrayal of body language and the symbolic connections with flowers. Brian is mindful that as soon as we are in contact with others, we are already communicating. The body language of the positioned individual and the flowers he configures are both used to directly express the quality of communication which convey emotions unspoken. In this exhibition, the negative space has now become black rather than white with blue flowers pervading the works throughout this installment. The usage of color representing the emotional impact of communication further intensifies the light source as having symbolic significance within the context of the obscured imagery.

Flowers are used historically, adorning almost everything — from someone’s hair, to clothing, jewelry, home décor, and even fine china, to name a few. He reflects upon a flower’s aesthetic value and concludes that they serve to convey messages of emotion varied by the arrangement, size, and the way in which these flowers are displayed. Brian draws parallels between the anatomy of a flower and the human body, integrating these two entities and thus creating his interpretations of the nature of beauty, seduction, love, and death as symbolized by the flower’s physical characteristics. The flowers within these works emote their purpose, ‘saying’ what was not dared to be verbally said.

With his signature of positioning a flower to cover the eyes of the woman, Brian bridges the connection of a flower’s unspoken emotional cue with a woman’s body whose unspoken expression and eclipsed facial features can only reveal so much. The flower positioned directly in front of the woman’s face lends one to heighten an internal dialogue with memories of the past and/or concern for the future. The works in Nostalgia Blue, much like in Amorous Abyss, express the many facets of Brian’s emotional state of mind where drawing from his past, existing in the present, and anticipating for the future continue to drive this series to evolve visually, conceptually, and personally.

“We have all felt let down by other people at some point in our lives. Nostalgia Blue dives into the feelings of that moment. Feelings such as hurt, disappointment, pessimism, and lack of interest are few of the emotions that are channeled through the body language and color relationships in these paintings. As human beings we have a strong need to feel secure. But after moments of rejection, failed relationships, or just a situation that didn’t go our way, our sense of security is threatened, we may feel abandoned, scared, or hopeless. Moreover, these are normal reactions that we all go through and I try to express it through this installment.”

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“Unmusic” ~ An Exploration of Sound & Light ~ Keenan Hartsten and Wendell M. Kling ~ Sat March 22nd ~ 6pm-10pm


Keenan Hartsten creates interactive installations and environments that function as occasions for social play,
collaborative magic-making and the invention of possible futures.

Wendell M. Kling is an interdisciplinary artist whose installations
and performances often involve experimental sound and light instruments.

swing by!!!

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ÑONGOS Work by Ana Andrade, Curated by Omar Lopex


Ana’s work documents the fascinating and harsh life in the space along the U.S./Mexico border, where people inhabit handmade ephemeral dwelling called Nongos and work everyday to survive despite the violence committed against them by police and others. Her photos illustrate the longing and the hope that exists in a space where nature, life and death, intersect with urban poverty.

The exhibition will consist of:

- Large scale reprints of medium format photographs taken with an Holga lomographic camera

-A collaborative journal made by the residents of the Tijuana River canal, over the span of 2 1/2 years, with text and photographs taken with disposable cameras provided by Ana, in an effort to document their own reality and experience.

- A collection of objects given to the artist as gifts by residents of the canal. An example of the simplicity of the value of intention, and more reasons to humanize the people who inhabit this space

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Galactic Collision ArtShow ~ AndrePower & LauraKatherine ~ Thursday January 30th ~ 5pm-9pm





Opening Reception ~ Thursday January 30th ~ 5pm-9pm

Galactic collisions with the precisions of brush and stroke.

LauraKatherine and Andre unleash the force when 2 galaxies collide -for your mind, for your eyes and forever.
Music by mystery cave
longtime collaborators- first time making/showing art together.

come. see!

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“Ruin” a series of works on paper by Walter Sutin ~ Opening Receptions Fri Dec 6th 5-9pm & Sat Dec 7th 6-10pm

“These drawings were made in reaction to a trip to the near east that the artist took in

2010. He visited Israel on a Taglit Journey and then traveled to Istanbul. They are

small and obsessive in the tradition of the miniature. Automatic drawing introduces

an unexpected layer to the traditional satire of religious and political conflict. Time is

folded in on itself to sandwich the very ancient with the very modern. The body is the

thread. The body is represented as the sensorial machine of our ruin.”

Please come out and support a local USCD artist!!

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“FACES” by Toni Larios ~ Opening Reception Fri Nov 22nd 5-9pm & Black Friday Reception Fri Nov 29th 5-9pm
















First solo US exhibition of Tijuana artist!

Two chances to see this work! make it out!!

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“Trans Parent Skis & Other Composites” by Pea Hix ~ Opening Reception Sat Oct 5th 6-10pm


“I buy lots and lots of old 35mm slides from garage sales, always on the lookout for interesting imagery. Awhile ago I happened upon the idea of stacking two unrelated slides on top of each other to achieve interesting composite images. Generally this requires that the two images have complimentary white or overexposed areas. The rule is that the two slides must stack perfectly on top of each other with no offsetting or digital post-editing allowed. Usually the basic composition of the original images end up dictating which ones work well together, rather than my own editorial eye for juxtaposing content, so often it’s simply a matter of trying out combinations until I find something that works. Then I simply tape the slides together.”

In addition to my own discoveries, there will be lightbox and a supply of single slides onhand for everyone to have a go at it.

Follow this ongoing project at http://peahix.tumblr.com/

Experiment in progress!! Come check it out!!!


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“BURNT OUT” ~ Douglas Thompson x ~ Fri/Sat/Sun Sept 27,28,29











Retrospective collection of drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, toys, skateboards, tshirts, prints and cocktail shakers by douglas thompson x.

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A Bit Homunculus by Omar Lopez


Join us from 6pm to 10pm during the Southpark Walkabout to find out, about and participate in, the process of Stand Up and Die — a film to be shot in Super 8mm this October at A Ship In The Woods, by Omar Lopex.

On view will be storyboards, studies, reference fotos, notes & scrawls relating to the film.

Come take part in open auditions for roles in the film, and/or have your Polaroid ‘Thoughtagraph’ portrait made.

“This show will be an experiment, as the opposite to my normal approach to creating work. A sort of “masochism-light”. I feel uncomfortable sharing my projects at this beginning level of process, of opening up my raw scrawls and revealing ignorances and mistakes I’m poised to make at this stage of development, but I am interested in what will come out of exposing myself at this early point.”
-Omar Lopex

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“Who’s Is The Boss” ~ Opening Reception ~ Sat March 23rd 6-9pm














disclosed unLocation and DNZA present Who is the Boss?
new work by j noland and josh pavlick, as moderated by angella d’avignon.

three collaborators explore power dynamics found in the traditional roles of artists and curator.
after individual studio practice, methods of influence are challenged by artist collaboration, the proposal process,
and curatorial decisions with a cohesive installation as the stated goal.

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